Working vs Stay-at-Home Moms: Pros, Cons, & How to Make It a Success

Whether you're a Stay-At-Home, Work-At-Home, or Working mom, there are definitely some good things (benefits), some not-so-great things (risks), and ways to make it successful (preparation - sound familiar?). We are here to shower every mother, no matter the situation she feels is best, with love and support!

Show Notes

3:31 - Stay-At-Home Moms

4:40 - SAHM - The Good Things! Staring at your baby, taking pictures, the snuggles, the nursing, not having to get ready for the day unless you want to, especially after a long night of's great!

11:29 - The downfalls for stay-at-home moms including not getting to hang out with a lot of adults and having adult conversations, feeling lonely, not getting a break, postpartum mood disorders, and more.

18:23 - How to make being a SAHM successful!

26:45 - Work-At-Home Moms!

27:30 - The Good Things! Supporting your family financially, talking to other adults regularly, breastfeeding is easier, no cost for a sitter unless you have a nanny come in and how Covid has actually made working from home better for mothers.

31:54 - The Downfalls. Feeling like you're doing it all, exhaustion, guilt, having some long nights but still needing to get up and get going.

33:47 - How to make it successful. Checking in with your employer, your partner, and other things that will make it go well.

40:00 - The Good Things about being a working mom. Some of it's so good you may not want to come home. ;)

43:58 - The downfalls of working out of the home. Mom guilt is a real thing and postpartum mood disorders can definitely arise.

47:36 - How to make it successful. Lots of communication with your partner before baby is born is going to be huge. We also chat about talking with your employer and a bit about pumping.

ALL our best,
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