Who's On Your Birth Team?

This episode starts with two stories about a birthing mother named "Jessica" and we have a feeling you may relate to her quite a bit, but you'll have to tell us if you're relating more to Jessica's scenario #1 or scenario #2! As mothers, we do the very best that we can in preparing ourselves for this beautiful, sacred experience of birth, and having the very best birth team can really make our ideal birth a reality. If you're wondering how to achieve that, you are in the right place!

Show Notes

4:05 - Scenario #1. A birth story from Jessica. We take a moment to read you a little story about a fictitious birthing mother named Jessica. Listen to this and see if you can relate to any of this.

10:51 - Scenario #2. This is a different birth story from Jessica. Do you relate to any of this?!

19:13 - Wondering what a birth team is? It's anyone who works as a team to support you, the birthing mother! It's also who you interact with and listen to and care about the opinions of.

25:13 - Let's talk doulas. This is someone who can be super supportive and an excellent person for physical and mental comfort. She is skilled and wise and knows normal. What they do, where to find them, and what they cost are allll part of this conversation.

27:57 - Family...do you really want them there? You can say no. You can even use the nursing staff (hospital) or midwife (birth center/home) to stand as guard.

30:17 - When to assemble your birth team. How preggo should you be? Birth class prep is a must and should include excellent information on when, where, and how to find and vet a doula, as well as tons of tools, knowledge, community, and support throughout the process.

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