What to Eat in Your Fourth Trimester: Interview with Dietician Jaren Soloff + GIVEAWAY

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We talk A LOT about how to take care of yourself during pregnancy,  but what about that "Fourth Trimester" after baby is born? We had a very special interview with Jaren Soloff, RD (Registered Dietician), IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), and author of The Postnatal Cookbook where we discussed the special nourishment a mother needs after giving birth to her baby, how long she needs it for, and how to implement Jaren's simple plan for making it happen. She also addresses how to remain body-positive during postpartum.

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3:48 - Jaren talks about her prior eating disorder and why she's so passionate about what she does

9:10 - We get into the details about the importance of the first forty days after birth and the physical and spiritual effect on mother, baby, and the family.

13:48 - If you're feeling overwhelmed after having your baby or looking to avoid the overwhelm, we give great tips about that here.

19:05 - Freezer meal prep!

24:51 - Are there things you can eat to increase your milk supply? Hear the answer from an IBCLC!

30:47 - How to meal plan and doing it on a budget.

38:25 - FREEBIE! Download the freebie in the link below. It includes free recipes, mental health, and supporting lactation.

39:33 - How to enter for a FREE copy of The Postnatal Cookbook


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