What Happens During Labor at the Hospital

We know you're wondering exactly what you can expect when you arrive at the hospital during active labor and this episode is going to walk you through the step by step of what happens from the time you drive up to your birthplace until the time you take your sweet baby home in your car. Most importantly we are going to tell you what the usual procedures are as well as your options because it's true that you probably won't be told that the many "standard procedures" are still up to you, the birthing mother. Our favorite thing to do is to help women understand all of their choices during birth and to allow them the confidence and freedom to choose what feels right and good for them. 

Show Notes

6:13 - You're in labor, you finally finish the drive to your birthplace, how do you get inside and what happens next??

14:15 - Once you're admitted into the hospital, there are a few things that happen before you get settled in and can get back into your birthing groove. These may include an IV, putting a gown on, fetal monitoring, and anything else the hospital may need or want before you get left alone! In case you're wondering, NOPE, you don't need to do all of this so listen in to hear about what your options are.

19:44 - When will you see your provider? You may know that they will be calling some of the shots during the labor but when do you get to chit-chat a little bit?! Plus, all the little things to know until it's pushing time, like eating during labor, walking, moving, and more.

24:40 - 10cm! It's pushing time! Here's what you need to know and get to decide at the hospital.

27:42 - Once baby is born there are some things that happen for mom and for baby. If your hospital

34:03 - After labor and delivery is done, you've been cleaned up, nursed your baby and it's time to move to the postpartum floor of the hospital. We haven't covered this part before so you'll want to listen in here.

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