Unmedicated Birth Stories: One Induction with Preeclampsia & One Textbook with Eryn Stucki

Birth stories are a window into the powerful work we do as women to get our babies earthside and Eryn's story is no exception. She was a student of mine when she was preparing for her very first birth. Her and her husband worked hard together to prepare for this task of birth ahead of them and when they came back to share their story, after they had their sweet baby, I was amazed at the details of the birth as well as how her and her husband handled it. There is so much strength that comes from listening to other strong women walk through one of the most trying and rewarding things we are blessed to be able to do in this life.

Stick with this episode until the end because not only does she tell a story of her first birth, which while challenging, ultimately led her to the career path she has today, but she also tells of the drastic and beautiful difference between her first and second birth. I hope you will listen, learn, and love this episode.

Show Notes

5:00 - Eryn tells us where she got her power to want to move forward and prepare for an unmedicated birth from.

8:58 - Inductions are very different than births that allow contractions to begin on their own. As Eryn began to listen to her body and make noise as a coping mechanism, her nurse actually asked her to be quiet....yup...

10:15 - She knew it was time to push her baby out and her midwife was not at the hospital. The nurse put her hand on the baby's head to stop baby from coming. Luckily, her husband came to the rescue!

13:34 - We talk about the importance of having a provider you trust. Eryn's story included some serious events that needed her provider's guidance and she felt great about the recommendations. She knew that what was being recommended was the best for her and baby and was involved in each step of the process.

15:25 - Your birth can make an impact for the rest of your life, even your next career.

17:22 - Eryn's second birth was a little more textbook and without preeclampsia she was able to begin birth on her own and without the use of pitocin.

20:48 - Eryn discusses the difference between contractions with pitocin and without.

24:00 - Eryn talks about getting to the hospital at 7cm and in good, active labor. She had an excellent nurse this time around and it made a lasting impact.

26:00 - Eryn has another quick move during labor, into the pushing phase, and the nurse for this birth was happy to catch her baby and remind her that she was doing great.

28:32 - There is a sacred space in birth that, when respected, helps a woman walk into motherhood with confidence and without emotional struggles.

29:18 - Eryn talks about her communication with her husband and how it affected her experiences.

33:45 - Eryn's best advice for expecting moms!

37:05 - Eryn's best advice for birth partners!

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