Trust Your Parenting Instincts for Your Baby's Sleep with Lauren Weber from Isla-Grace Sleep

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[2:13] Our Reviewer of the Week is Cllaaaiiiirrrrreeeeee, and she said, "I think I found you while listening to all the Lily Nichols podcasts interviews I could find! Between you and Lily… I have all the pregnancy info I could ever want! I had hypertension and a 38 week induction last labor that ended in a c section (ugh) and am doing all I can to prevent hypertension the next go around (God willing!). Thankful for this podcast to keep me company on my daily thee mile walks! You are knowledgeable, concise, and frankly entertaining. Keep up the good work and know that you are changing lives!!!"

 [03:16] When it comes to sleep, I've had a couple of sleep topics on here before. I love giving all the information and hearing the different sides, different perspectives, and just having good information for you guys to be able to listen, to work through, and do what's right for you. 

Lauren Weber is a three-time certified pediatric sleep specialist. She has about 250 hours now in attachment based specific education, as well as the foundation's certificate in self-regulation. She is a mom to two little ones, Isla and Grace. Her business name is Isla Grace Sleep. She has been supporting parents for eight years.

[07:18] Lauren talks about her approach to sleep and her philosophy behind it. When she first got into sleep training, she realized that the program she was learning from was using separation based sleep training which didn't resonate well with her. 

[10:48] Lauren goes over her "checklist" when she works with new moms. She looks at the age of the baby, if they're waking every two to three hours, what's going on with feeding. Is your baby gassy and uncomfortable? Are they snoring? Are they mouth breathing? Are they gaining weight? Babies are meant to stay in a lighter stage of sleep. We want babies to wake up if they're hungry, if they're cold, if they're not breathing.

[13:28] Bed sharing is the norm in most of the world, and it's just like naturally part of where babies and how babies sleep. 

[15:27] Professor James McKenna is one of the only people to have actually studied mothers and babies sleeping in a lab. If you really want to go to the expert on bed sharing, you want to go to him. He has an incredible book as well as a website called Safe Infant Sleep.

[16:03] Lauren goes over the "Safe Sleep Seven" rules that you should follow if you choose to bed share with your baby. Breast milk is digested a little bit quicker, babies are in that lighter, that little bit of a lighter stage of sleep, so it just makes it safer sleep.

[19:57] One of the concerns of bed sharing is SIDS or suffocation. There is a huge difference between co-sleeping and bed sharing. Co-sleeping is sleeping within sensory proximity to the baby. Bed sharing is sleeping on the same sleep surface.

[22:14] Be sure to pay attention about where your information is coming from and who it benefits!

[24:39] What are some common challenges and solutions moms could do today? Lauren says if a baby is waking up hourly or every hour and a half, it is a red flag that something needs to be addressed and it's something underlying. If that is your gut feeling, push it and get the answers. Her first step is to go see an IBCLC. Next, she looks at snoring and mouth breathing. She also recommends room sharing for at least the first year!

[33:25] Stephanie and Lauren discuss emotions and how to help your baby or child regulate their emotions and how to build that foundation.

[37:31] Lauren shares about things women can do now to make their sleep journey easier.

 [43:00] Lauren has a PDF about contact napping. You can find her at:

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