The Most Important Things for Pregnancy & Birth

I can't believe I get to be here with you for the 100th Episode of this podcast! With my many years of experience, professionally and personally, I thought this would be the perfect time to gather together the very most important things for pregnancy and birth. These are things, time and time again, that help mothers to have the births that they desire. These are things that will make the biggest difference in helping you achieve the birth of your dreams.

Show Notes

3:11 - If you guessed that the #1 thing you're going to need for your best birth is your provider, you guessed right! If you've been following along, you know I repeat this over and over and over. I go a little deeper about why this makes a difference for your pregnancy and birth.

8:18 - The other part of your birth support is your partner. Are they supportive and knowledgeable? What if they're not? Who should you have in your birth space?

10:23 - Partners are encouraged to encourage you within the birth course. It makes a difference to have someone on your team that is helping you and supporting you in hitting your pregnancy and birth goals.

11:14 - Knowledge can make all the difference when it comes to making decisions, especially while you're in the middle of intense contractions during labor.

16:18 - The 3 Free Exercises! The Forward-Leaning Inversion, Squats, and Pelvic Tilts. I go quite a bit deeper behind the why than I ever have before on the podcast. These are not just for fun or for toning. They will literally make your pregnancy and birth more comfortable and easy.

22:50 - Your nutrition matters because this is what keeps you healthy and low-risk. Being healthy and low-risk allows you to make decisions regarding your pregnancy and birth experience.

26:17 - Preparation is different than knowledge. It's great to have the information in your mind, but it doesn't always translate to your body. There are physical and mental skills that can be learned and that you will benefit from practicing and practicing, and practicing!

28:16 - Partner or doula support is huge. It's not only about having them in your space, although this is very important. They need to have some specifics about how to help you prior to going into labor.

29:06 - Mindset definitely plays a role in our experience. Just like the physical things, there are things you can do to get your mind in the right space, which inevitably affects your physical relaxation and comfort.

32:00 - The environment that you give birth in can be manipulated. There are many ways you can make it feel more comfortable which will also help you relax during labor.

34:36 - What matters most when it's all over?

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