The Best Birthing Positions for an Easier Labor & Birth

Does the thought of birth send your anxiety through the roof? If so, hang tight because the episode is for YOU.

Each day we receive messages from women who admit to being terrified to give birth, and it's easy to see why. In the United States, we treat birth as a medical crisis that demands immediate intervention --these practices put medical staff in the driver seat and women in the back seat as casual observers of their births. Unless there are complications, evidence supports that our bodies will instinctively move, sway, and adjust to put mom and baby into the ideal position for birth. 

Grab your birthing partner and tune in as my husband (yep...he's back!) and I give the benefits of several birthing positions that are going to make your pregnancy and birth just that much easier. Plus, you'll hear about how we work through them together, snippets from our birth story, and different ways partners and doulas can assist in creating an unforgettable experience.

[00:04:20] A powerful visualization exercise I used and shared in the My Essential Birth Course. 

[00:07:07] In the first stage of labor, walking, standing, and even dancing to the tempo of your favorite songs can manage discomfort. The desire to move is our body's natural way of encouraging babies into the proper position to descend into the birth canal. During this phase, companions can provide soothing massages and a shoulder to lean on (literally). To start preparing your body for birth, download the free exercise guide as a companion to this episode (link below).

[00:13:00] Feeling the urge to start pushing? Congratulations, you are entering the second stage of birth. This is the stage that we have spent weeks practicing our squats, pelvic tilts, and other birthing positions for. Get ready to grab your birthing ball, pillows, and Rebozo. During this phase, partners can support by being sensitive to mom's verbal and nonverbal cues to move, stop, and rest. 

[00:17:48] Every birthing journey is different. Despite our best efforts, some babies need a little more help to get into the ideal position -- such as posterior babies. In this episode, we offer several positions to aid in this process and talk about how to use a Rebozo effectively.  

[00:19:18] What are the everyday household items you have, or should consider buying, to make certain birthing positions more comfortable? You can find them here. 

[00:24:45] Each phase of the pregnancy journey requires a different level of emotional and physical support. Hear my husband hilariously explain how partners can support through massage, words of affirmations, and counter pressure.  

[00:37:18] Hormones and the baby's position can slow things down for expecting mothers. Here we talk about things like constipation, aches and pains, especially in the lower back, and what you can do before reaching inside your medicine cabinet. 


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