Student Success Story: Christy's Birth


In this episode, My Essential Birth mama, Christy, walks us through her birth experiences and what she did to make the third time a charm!  We absolutely love listening to birth stories and this one was no exception. We know you'll feel inspired by it too!
[1:27] Christy has 3 girls; 4, 2, and 2-month old baby
[2:13] Chrisy's first birth - She discusses the details of this birth, the challenges, and how preparation would have helped.
[3:01] Christy had her water broken, received an epidural and blood pressure meds because the epidural caused a drop in blood pressure. She was told she may need a cesarean birth for baby in distress and a stalled labor. She was put on Pitocin, pushed for 45 minutes, received an episiotomy, and lost a pint of blood. 
[8:22] Found a new doctor for her second birth who was more in line with her vision for birth.
[9:07] Stalled again, right around 7cm...just like with her first birth.
[9:29] Baby #2 was a whole pound larger than her first and she did not tear or having any excessive bleeding. She was able to hold her baby and bonded immediately.
[10:35] Baby was not low enough in the pelvis when it was time to push. She wished she would have known about positioning so baby wasn't sitting high for so long.
[12:20] Christy explains why she decided to take the My Essential Birth Course.
[14:18] Christy discusses how her partner worked together with her during the birth course and during her 3rd birth.
[16:46] Christy discusses prodromal labor & what she did to resolve that.
[22:10] Christy did some of the suggestions in the My Essential Birth Workbook to help baby navigate into the pelvis. Shortly after contractions began to get closer & stronger.
[25:00] Only about an hour after getting to the hospital and getting checked in, she went to use the restroom and couldn't pee but felt like she had to poo!
[27:52] Baby out in four pushes. She described it as the most peaceful, calming feeling that came over her. It was fast but great!
[29:02] She realized when she was on the toilet that she was going through transition and instantly thought of the chart in the workbook. It helped her feel calm and accepting because she was aware of what was happening with her body.
[29:50] She would do unmedicated every time forward if she were to have any more children because of this experience.
[30:11] Christy's best advice to other mamas!
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