Recovering From Birth Trauma with Karina Robinson

Birth trauma is real and it can happen to women even when they've have done everything in their power to NOT have it happen, and it's NOT their fault! If you are wondering what you can do to avoid it OR you have experienced birth trauma and want to know how to heal from it, tune in this week! 

Karina Robinson, childbirth educator, doula, and almost midwife 😏 joins me as we walk through what causes birth trauma, how your birth partner can identify when you've experienced it, and how to avoid it with several different tools!


About Karina: 

I am a trained, certified, and skilled professional doula in the height of my life’s passion. I am in my element when, after weeks of preparation and education, I see a woman and her partner share a secret, knowing look of shimmering emotion that shows all their hard work paid off, in one of life’s most precious moments. This moment is further enhanced for me when the woman’s partner has been encouraged and taught how to help and has been a key element in the pregnancy and labor process, without which, things may have turned out much differently. I feel very strongly about being an advisor to birthing women so they can have the birth they intend, without unnecessary interventions due to lack of knowledge or support.

My goal as a doula is simply to improve birth – by helping to reduce physical and emotional trauma, by empowering women through knowledge and practice, and to advocate for safer birth experiences led by a woman’s own body.

I have had all three of my children in the hospital: un-medicated, Cesarean section, and un-medicated VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). I believe that regardless of circumstance, all births can be beautiful. I also have personal and professional experience with high-risk pregnancy, diabetes during pregnancy, and VBACs. I can skillfully educate on things that others may not have reason to know.

I have experience supporting un-medicated, breech, twins, VBAC, VBA2C, VBAMC, special scars, medicated, surrogacy, diabetes during pregnancy, and cesarean births.

Show Notes:

1:17 - Our reviewer of the week, Keziah S., shares that even though she found the podcast in her third trimester, she binged all the episodes (and had her husband binge them too!), and had an incredible birth thanks to putting this knowledge to work!

5:15 - Karina introduces herself and tells a little about her family and background.

6:50 - What is birth trauma?

7:49 - Karina gives examples of birth trauma and what this looks like for moms during labor.

9:13 - How to avoid birth trauma in the first place. There are a couple of things that every mom can do, beginning right now to set yourself up for success during your pregnancy and birth.

12:02 - Karina discusses what to do when you experience birth trauma. Counseling, talking, journaling, getting more information, many things!
17:21 - Karina discusses which tools she uses as a midwife to help mothers who have experienced trauma to heal.
19:50 - Validating birth trauma is so important. If you have a birth partner listening, make sure they know that however you are feeling postpartum is real and deserves time to listen and to be heard. 
20:56 - Listen in here birth partners! Here's what you can look for postpartum to see if mom needs extra help in regards to birth trauma.
28:24 - Karina gives an example of supporting a woman who experienced trauma. 
30:38 - Your next birth(s) can be healing! 
32:45 - How to advocate for yourself during pregnancy and birth. 

34:22 - People in your birth space can help you be assertive IF they are supportive and knowledgeable about what you want. 
37:50 - Being flexile during birth can help you to avoid trauma.
42:00 - The best advice for women who are unable to for one reason or another to not change providers. 
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