Pregnant Over 35 and Loving It with Jessica Estrada

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[1:10] Reviewer of the week is BethanyEdge310 says, “Just what I wanted to find!” She found the My Essential Birth podcast by listening to a pregnancy and fitness episode while working out because she felt morning sickness! She laughed when Stephanie said exercise would help with morning sickness because it definitely helped her! 💜

I talk with Jessica Estrada, a first time mama at the age of 43, about her pregnancy experience. She shares her story, struggles, and what she wants other mamas who are pregnant over age 35 to know. Jessica discusses things like how family and friends have not had the easiest time with her decisions and how she's dealt with that, how her fiancé  feels about her birth choices, and how she's maintained a strong, positive attitude throughout.

You're going to love listening to her light and enthusiasm about trusting your body and the process of birth. If you are pregnant and over 35 this is for you AND every pregnant mama will be excited and trusting of their own bodies and upcoming births after listening to this. It's the small and simple things that really help our bodies to have the very best pregnancies and births possible. 

[2:25] In today’s episode, I will uncover some of the stigmas of pregnancies over age 35 such as being considered high-risk, immediate plans for induction, and more! 

[2:40] I introduce Jessica Estrada. She is pregnant with her rainbow baby at age 43. She lives in Southern California and has an incredible midwife who works at a birth center and also assists in home births. Jessica recommended her midwife, Michelle Rey, of Earthside Midwife, to mamas in the Alhambra area. Like most women, she assumed she would have her baby in a hospital until she started listening to the podcast, and now she is planning on having a home birth. 🏡

[6:48] Jessica talks about how she started preparing for her journey of being over 40 and pregnant. 

[8:10] Jessica explains her journey starting with seeing a midwife instead of an OB from the beginning of her pregnancy. She started searching “midwives in my area” and made phone calls. She talks about how she picked the right midwife for her and also about the hesitancy and doubt she got from her fiancé. 🤔

[10:48] While talking to her midwife, Jessica asked if being pregnant at her age was a concern. Her midwife was not concerned due to how healthy and active Jessica is . . . she ran a marathon a week before she found out she was pregnant! 😮

[13:46] From the beginning of her pregnancy, Jessica was made aware of benefits and risks, but she was never made to feel like she was a geriatric patient. 👵🏼

[14:34] Jessica shares her fitness journey, and how she trusts her body to let her know when it’s time to slow down and rest. She stresses the importance of listening to your body. 🏔

[17:00] I encourage Jessica to work on the My Essential Birth 3 Exercises and not just the ones she likes to do, lol. 😉

[17:24] I ask Jessica how fitness has helped her pregnancy physically, mentally, and emotionally. 🧘🏼‍♀️

[18:47] Jessica shares what her diet looks like for her pregnancy. She talks about using the 80/20 rule when it comes to her diet. We talk about eggs and some ways that you can get the extra protein into your diet. 🍳 

[23:58] I ask Jessica if she has had any issues during her pregnancy. She has not had any symptoms or problems, and she believes it’s due to how she took care of her body before becoming pregnancy.

[25:48] I emphasize the importance of Jessica’s statement about what we do before pregnancy matters! Nutrition and exercise can help you stay ahead! 🥙

[26:42] We talk about MINDSET. Jessica speaks about what she wants other women to know who are over 35 and pregnant. She also talks about how she has dealt with loved ones and their concern about her not having a hospital birth. She constantly reminds herself that God created her body to give birth to her baby. 🥰

[29:44] I ask Jessica about spiritual experiences that she would like to share with other women. Jessica shares how timing is everything and who you are with matters. ⏰

[32:43] I thank Jessica for sharing her story and hope that other women listening can be encouraged by her experience. 🤰🏻

[33:05] Don't forget to head to our website for all the free downloads mentioned here and to join the My Essential Birth Course and community serving pregnant moms just like you! 🤱🏼

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