Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum: What Do Mothers Need to Know

This week, I'm helping you explore the pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum experience. We’re going to take a deep dive into the essentials that every mama and her partner should know. From ways to stay healthy and low-risk through a well-balanced diet and probiotics, to methods that you and your birth partner can support one another. We’ll draw on evidence-based sources and personal experiences to help you prepare yourself to have your best birth. So join us this week as we demystify the journey from preparation to birth, to parenthood. We’ll see you there!



[5:58] The benefits of preparing for birth earlier in the pregnancy rather than later

[8:20] How getting knowledge earlier in your pregnancy will help you stay healthy and low-risk

[9:20] How having a well-balanced diet puts you in the pregnancy driver’s seat

[14:18] Probiotics that can help you have a healthier birth and understanding how you handle pain to find the best coping measures for your labor

[19:53] Things that you should do together with your partner and an approach to Relaxation, Meditation, and More

[26:00] Having your birth plan/map and choosing a provider that is going to help you achieve it

Labor & Birth

[29:10] Learning more about birth positions and how a birth partner can support you

[32:43] Knowing what your rights are


[38:26] Knowing what your preferences are and the active management of the fourth stage

[41:07] Postpartum mood disorders and how both partners and work through them as well as finding support groups to help with postpartum

[47:41] What to expect before the 6 week checkup and asking for help and finding a community


Links and Resources mentioned:

Jarrow Probiotics

Garden of Life Primal Defense

The Office Snippet 😂


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