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[1:11] Our Reviewer of the Week is ashking223, and she says “I found this podcast at six weeks pregnant while bedridden due to my HG pregnancy. This has been the most helpful podcast with so much amazing information in every episode. I want to let every mom-to-be know about it. I'm 27 weeks now!”

[1:51] My guest is Gigi Vincent, a postpartum doula, newborn care specialist, and host of the Ready for Baby podcast located in Orange County, CA. She is committed to shifting the disparity between the amount of focus most families place on birth versus preparing for the fourth trimester.  She is a strong advocate of preparing for postpartum by investing in maternal support instead of fancy baby equipment. Gigi empowers families so that once your baby arrives, they can focus on resting and bonding, instead of researching or stressing. Knowing there isn’t one right way to have and raise a tiny human, Gigi works with parents as they find their way to thrive in the fourth trimester and beyond. πŸ₯°

[4:41] What is a postpartum doula? Gigi likes to think of a postpartum doula as a best friend that is there guiding you in the way that you need. She provides a lot of mental and emotional support in addition to listening to and helping process birth stories. She knows how difficult it is to not have the support you need and hearing all the “just wait” talks that are not helpful as a mama. Gigi walks through specific ways she can help with breastfeeding (or formula feeding), fluid retention, baby carrier help, sleep, and so much more. 🀱🏼

[9:22] When you pick a doula, you need to make sure you feel completely comfortable and supported by them. 🫢🏼 Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Personality-wise, is this gonna, is this gonna mesh well?
  • Am I going to be comfortable with them in my vulnerable space?
  • Am I going to be comfortable with her making suggestions? 
  • What is this relationship going to look like? 
  • Am I going to be able to sleep? Am I gonna be able to trust this person around my baby while my eyes are closed?
  • Am I gonna be comfortable with this person touching my body if that's something that I need? 

[13:19] Gigi focuses on helping her clients buy what they actually need! She reeducates them on what her baby needs and when it’s developmentally appropriate. 🍼

[18:01] She also talks to clients about having them ask for help from friends and family. During her prenatal meeting with her clients, she asks who will be taking care of what and what the expectations are for those people. She encourages them to also set boundaries. 🏑

[20:44] How do you help a mom who needs help setting boundaries and love and support? Gigi talks through why her clients may not want someone in their postpartum space and how to navigate that. She also gives her mamas a template of what to say or guidelines of the visits and what the person needs to bring/do if they do come over. πŸ“

[26:00] We talk about the importance of communicating with your birth partner. So many partners want to help but they don’t know how. She focuses on talking with the couple to get them on the same page, and how to work together so they both feel supported and rested. 😴

[30:30] Birth transforms both the mom and birth partner. Having an unbiased third party can be so helpful when navigating the roller coaster of parenthood! 🎒

[34:39] Gigi answers a question we received on social media: “What makes moms feel most like themselves postpartum?” Her response was that mamas need to be rested and nourished, and I think we forget about that. Having your basic needs met (taking a shower is not self-care, it’s a basic need!) and calling in for reinforcements when needed is crucial. Pick one thing that is your daily anchor to heal. βš“οΈ

[38:31] When to reach out to a postpartum doula and how to find one? Gigi gives resources for finding postpartum doulas. It’s imperative to find a doula that aligns with how you want to raise your baby. There's so many different ways to find a doula and regardless of your budget or long-term goals, there is somebody who can meet those needs. πŸ™πŸΌ

[43:03] Gigi’s recommendation for moms who can't book 6 weeks out is to find a support group like a mommy/baby/parent class. If you can’t find that, take your baby to the park, find your village! Lean on the resources you do have. 🀩

[46:30] You can find Gigi here:

When it comes to postpartum, you may feel that you need some extra help navigating all the new experiences of motherhood. Postpartum Doula, Gigi Vincent, answers questions we've received from mamas like you! Having someone in your corner can make such a huge difference in your healing journey!

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