Placenta Previa During Pregnancy + How it Affects Your Birth

This is quick and information-filled episode about placenta previa, including, what it is, how it's diagnosed during pregnancy, how it will affect your birth, and of course I leave you with all the good news. Maybe you're early in pregnancy and don't know what this even is yet, or perhaps you're later in pregnancy and have been diagnosed. Either way, this is an excellent topic for every mom to know so the you have the knowledge and remove the fear that may be attached to it. I even give you the best questions to ask your provider so you know what's going on in the future of your pregnancy and birth. Still have questions? Shoot me an email at [email protected] or message me on Instagram @myessentialbirth.

Show Notes

2:08 - What the placenta is, what is does (it's pretty neat), and where it may attach. Most women won't even know where their placenta is attached unless it's in a less than usual location.

3:48 - Placenta previa is when the placenta attaches to your uterus down low and either partially or fully covers the cervix. A placenta over the cervix is a medical reason for a cesarean birth. So, what makes you more likely to have this complication?

5:19 - Placenta previa is diagnosed most often by ultrasound. A low-lying placenta may or may not mean placenta previa in a form that needs further attention. Listen in to hear for more info about how that affects your pregnancy and birth.

8:07 - Questions to ask your provider if you're told you have a "low-lying" placenta. Tune in here the best questions to put your mind at ease.

9:38 - How does true placenta previa affect my home/birth center birth?

10:29 The GOOD news!

11:37 - You can have an EXCELLENT cesarean birth and postpartum. I have tons of great info for that here as well as a download below just to tuck away in your birth bag.

Links Mentioned

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