Placenta Encapsulation: Is It For Me? with Shannon Sheppard

Uncategorized Jul 07, 2021

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This episode dives deep into everything you want to know about placenta encapsulation. From postpartum depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders, to what to do if your partner isn't on board. Listen in as expert, Shannon Sheppard, answers all of these questions and much more.

Show Notes

2:55 - Is placenta encapsulation for me? Introduction of Shannon Sheppard, Placenta Encapsulation Expert.

7:58 - After being trained in placenta encapsulation, Shannon immediately started seeing the benefits first hand in her clients. 

11:36 - What do we know about placenta encapsulation? We know that in the animal kingdom, animals eat their placenta instinctually. It can help increase milk production, avoid hemorrhaging, increase bonding between mother and child, help with depression, anxiety, OCD, and other mood disorders. Plus, many more benefits.

14:46 - What does the process look like? Plus, don't forget to tell your provider you plan on keeping the placenta.

16:38 - Is there a difference between consuming fresh placenta immediately after birth, and dehydrating and consuming it over time?

18:52 - How a tincture is made and the benefits it can bring.

20:09 - Do the tincture and the pills work differently?

21:48 - Who should this be done for?

23:34 - You're 50% more likely to struggle with a postpartum mood or anxiety disorder if you do before you're pregnant, so, many mothers choose placenta encapsulation preventatively.

24:37 - You can freeze your placenta for up to 6 months, just in case. You don't need to decide now! If you keep it and freeze it, you'll have it if you need it.

26:06 - Are there any situations when you cannot encapsulate or keep a placenta? Plus, what to do to be prepared to take the placenta home. 

31:23 - Professional encapsulation vs amateur encapsulation: what's the difference? How to find a placenta encapsulation professional, what the cost is and what if dad's not on board?

42:29 - Why not do everything we can, preventatively, to make everyone have the best birth and postpartum experience possible? 

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