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[1:11] Our reviewer of the week is twinplex, and she said: “For my first pregnancy, I really didn’t research or plan for birth at all. I just figured my body would know what to do! I ended up with a C-Section, and here I am planning a VBAC with my 2nd and love listening to this podcast! I find it very informative, and it’s really helping me to be knowledgeable stepping into my next labor/delivery experience! I feel much more prepared, and therefore, at peace with whatever will come my way for this next delivery!”

Thank you for your review! I relate to this 100%! You are in the right place to learn about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood! πŸ’œ

[2:09] Today, I have Cassidy Eisenfeld, who I found on Instagram! I want to talk about baby wearing today, and she wears her babies everywhere! 😍 This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart because I didn’t get helpful information on this topic until it was too late for me to do! 

[2:56] How we take care of our babies as we go about our lives, do things around the house is a huge part of motherhood! You don’t have to put your baby down in the bassinet or crib unless you want to! You have options! 🀩

[3:43] Cassidy, a mom of 3, is an expert baby wearing educator. Her journey into educating mamas about baby wearing began with her first baby. She felt stuck at home, and once she learned how to wear her baby, she was able to get back outside and do what she loved! 🏑

[4:27] One of the first things we talk about regarding postpartum mood disorders, is did you get outside for at least 20 minutes today? The sun can make such a huge difference in our mood. β˜€οΈ

[4:58] I ask Cassidy what it was like for her to get outside with her baby and if that helped her postpartum mood. Cassidy had a lot of discomfort after her first birth due to severe tearing so she felt confined to her home for a while. Her baby had reflux so she had to hold her baby upright constantly. 🀒

[6:06] She wanted to feel like herself again, and that was getting back to doing what she did before getting pregnant. Even inside the home, she felt like she had so much more freedom to do chores or tasks while holding her baby. ⛰️

[6:58] What are the benefits of baby wearing? #1 you get that skin-to-skin contact with baby. She would wear the baby wrap as her shirt and baby would be in her diaper. Just the act of baby wearing increases breastfeeding success rates as well! You get to be close to your baby all day long! πŸ₯°

[9:58] The number one comment Cassidy gets after she does a wrapping video is “You have to pee . . . so now what?” Cassidy talks about how convenient it is to be able to just go about your normal routines with baby. You don’t have to take the wrap off until you want to! 🚽

[10:28] What are some tips for moms for safe baby wearing? The biggest issue is ensuring that it’s tight enough, especially with stretchy wraps! You can make sure that baby is at kissing height by ensuring you can kiss the top of their head without straining to do so. 😘 You want to be able to visually check them and make sure their face is clear. Do not allow baby to tuck their chin! 

[13:19] How did you learn about baby wearing and how to do it? Cassidy talks about a few videos that she would watch for how to use woven wraps that companies would put out about how to use them. She became an ambassador with a baby wearing company, which is where she learned a lot. She also got certified for baby wearing. πŸ‘©πŸ»‍🏫

[14:41] For new moms, Cassidy recommends finding a good source of education. She offers an online consultation to help mamas figure out baby wearing. Videos and discussions about what is important for safety are helpful to mamas. She also has YouTube videos available.  πŸŽ₯

[16:22] What are your top 5 baby carrier recommendations? Cassidy prefers types of carriers versus brands. She talks about stretchy wraps and the different options. Ring slings are another category. She recommends Hope & Plum the most to other mamas because they’re size inclusive and incredibly easy to use! πŸ₯‡

[18:33] For a soft structured baby carrier, she recommends the Tula brand. They’re a little more rigid so she waits until baby is a little older to use them. There are also apron style carriers which are great for C-Section mamas. She also recommends Happy Baby Carriers and Sakura Bloom. 🧣

[19:30] For woven wraps, she recommends, DIDYMOS, which are great for beginners! They’re light to medium weight. You can keep using it for as long as you want! Stretchy wraps only work for the first few months. πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

[20:27] Mei Tai Carriers (pronounced meh-dye) are a cross between woven wraps and structured carriers. I loved this type of wrap because I’m a petite person so it felt like they fit me better. The structured carriers were too long in the torso. The Mei Tai carriers worked for me with the weight distribution. These carriers are also great for C-Section mamas! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

[24:11] Do you have a favorite tandem carrier? Cassidy normally does two soft structured carriers so she’s able to let her toddler get up and down without having to take her baby off her chest. Most tandem carriers require the front child to be put down before allowing the back child to get down. The Twin Star is an extremely versatile baby carrier. It has so many options, but it is a little tricky to figure out. πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ‘§πŸ»

[26:24] A long, woven wrap also works great! You need to learn your carriers and wraps! You can do a million different combinations of wraps! πŸ€“

[27:28] What do you recommend for moms who are pregnant now? Cassidy recommends moms look into it before pregnancy. Try to feel them or try them on before you buy though. You can get an idea of whether it will work for your body or not. Watch videos and see how they work and what type of carrier works best for you! πŸ“

[29:05] How can you find a place to try on carriers? Cassidy said that there are carrier libraries in some cities, but mostly it’s a Google search. Birth educators sometimes have a library of carriers. Facebook groups are also a great resource. πŸ’»

[30:38] What are some budget friendly options for carriers? Cassidy always recommends a gently used carrier over a new one. She also talks about how it affects mom and baby’s physiology. She recommends a stretchy wrap for new mamas. Stretchy wraps range from $30 to $80. Be sure the fabric is tested for safety. Cassidy shares that the wraps she’s used have ranged anywhere from $30 to $700! Most carriers are under $200 though. πŸ’Έ

[35:10] Is there anything else mamas should know about baby wearing? Cassidy shares that around 3 months, your baby will act like they hate the carrier! Baby is developmentally trying to roll which means they want to push away from you and turn away from your body. ⚠️ Facing baby outward in the carrier at three months is not safe. (Don’t ever let your baby sleep facing out. It can cause positional asphyxiation.) ⚠️ It’s just a phase! You can also try to shift them to your hip. 

[37:18] What should you wear so you can breastfeed while baby wearing? Less is more! It’s best to have your baby as close as possible to you. Put clothes over you and the carrier. And don’t forget that the carrier is a layer over your baby too. Cassidy recommends nursing clothes from Latched Mama! The clothes are soft against your skin and baby’s skin. πŸ’•

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