Interview with the Editors

Imagine training for a job but walking in on your first day and having no idea of what you were going to be asked to do! "Have you ever wondered what males really know about pregnancy and birth?"

The My Essential Birth Podcast began an intimate conversation between two childbirth educators and doulas. Since that first recording in an office after hours, things at My Essential Birth have grown. I now record in a studio with my incredible podcasting team Corbin, Trent, Dallon, and Savannah. With the exception of Savannah, my team is primarily male.

As you can imagine, they knew very little about pregnancy, the birthing process, and how women's bodies function! In this interview, my Rockstar editors will share the episodes that made them redefine the pregnancy journey, what it means to advocate for expectant moms, and the episodes that made them say -- "Wait, is THAT what happens during pregnancy?"

Sit back and prepare to laugh while gaining insight into how movies and media impact views on pregnancy and how to educate your partner on different birth options that many of them don't know are available.

Key Takeaways:

[00:01:15] Review of the week

[00:04:21] Have you wondered what the difference is between recording at home vs. a podcasting studio? Hear how my team has become my family and the amazing thing they did to support me.

[00:05:31] Ever showed up for a job and had no idea what you were getting into? This is what happened to Corbin, Trent, Dallon, and Savannah. Hear their first impression of the podcast.

[00:07:02] I receive so many questions from mamas-to-be wanting to know how to convince their birth partners to listen to the podcast. Let myself and my team prepare you for that conversation as they share their most uncomfortable birth questions like dilation and vaginal tearing.

[00:23:03] How the media and movies depict pregnancy influences what our birth partners believe about the process. Join us as we discuss these common myths.

[00:28:21] New experiences can be challenging for everyone - even for myself in the beginning. Listen here as I share what used to make me leave the room during birth and how I deal with that same scenario now.

[00:33:16] Considering a Doula? Here are some questions your birth partner might have - and how you can answer them.

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