Group B Strep: The Deets!

I have had so many questions recently about testing positive for Group B Strep or GBS and the number one concern is, "Will this ruin the birth that I want?" I'm here to break down what GBS is, how it affects pregnancy and labor, ways that you can decrease your chances of testing positive, what happens if you choose to use antibiotics, and also options other than antibiotics should you test positive.

If you're a mom that is wanting to stay at home as long as possible before heading to your birth place, but if you test positive you definitely want the antibiotics, I talk about all of your options AND I want to encourage you right now that being GBS+ does NOT ruin any kind of birth you are aiming for! If you're reading along and have no idea what I'm talking about, that's ok and I know you're not alone. 😂

When a mom tests positive for GBS she can choose to have or not have antibiotics during labor. Antibiotics are strongly encouraged by providers. Should you choose to have them, your provider will want you to arrive at your birth place at least 4 hours prior to giving birth to administer at least two doses of antibiotics for maximum effectiveness.

This is why moms that want to stay home until they're much farther in labor before heading to their birth place feel like they're going to lose some of their freedom and relaxation by going in early. Good news though - there's SO many options to choose from that make it possible to have the very best birth you were planning on. I give you all the details in this episode!

Show Notes:

1:13 - The reviewer for this week talks about her amazing experience with her second baby being a precipitous, unmedicated, and memorable birth after listening religiously to the podcast! Way to go mama!

4:08 - Top question about being GBS+ "I just founded out I tested positive and I'm afraid I won't be able to have the birth I desire, what can I do?!" 

5:30 - You will be tested between 35-57 weeks for what is this?! Listen in here!

6:55 - Antibiotics or testing in general can be a bit controversial because moms can test positive during pregnancy and be negative at birth AND moms can test negative during pregnancy and be positive during birth. 

7:54 - You do not have to be tested. You get to choose! I am NOT telling you one way or the other what you should do. I am not a medical provider and not your medical provider, but I'm big on informed consent and this is allll the info I wanted for my own births. 💜

10:10 - The deets for the numbers behind babies that get and/or are harmed by contracting GBS during birth.

12:27 - If you choose to have the antibiotics, I go over everything you need to know about getting them during labor as well as how effective each dose is. Plus I go over when to head to your birth place - depending on what your plan is.

16:40 - How to prevent being Group B Strep +. It's also important to understand the difference between testing negative and being negative - for example, I talk about using garlic before testing and why this may not be the best idea, and what actually works to kick GBS to the curb. 

18:43 - Why would moms choose to not have antibiotics?? Wouldn't you want it for the safety of your baby? Listen in here to learn more about why antibiotics may or may not be the best option for you and baby.

20:10 - Did you know that water birth is one way to decrease the risk of passing GBS to baby during birth if you're positive for GBS?

21:30 - If my water breaks is there a bigger risk for my baby of getting GBS?

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