Glucose Test Alternatives with Jacquie Berg

You come up to your glucose test between week 24-28 during pregnancy and often there's only one option given - "The Glucose Drink." This drink is filled with artificial coloring, flavors, dextrose, brominated soybean oil (banned in Europe, Japan, and India....and also patented as a flame retardant in the United States). So, yes there are a few reasons moms want to look for another option.

If you're one of those moms, you're not alone! In fact, my guest for this week's episode, Jacquie Berg is a mom and was so taken back by what was being offered to her for this test during her own pregnancy, that she took matters into her own hands to create a solution.

This week we're talking about everything that goes into the testing, why it's done, how glucose is measured, and healthy alternatives for moms everywhere! PLUS we have a really neat GIVEAWAY for not just one mama - but FIVE. 💜

Here's a little bit about Jacquie:

With 15 years of work in Endocrinology, Obstetrics and Medical Device Business Development, Jacquie was poised fortuitously to take on big-pharma. This passion was sparked when she was asked to drink traditional "glucola" in her 1st pregnancy; Jacquie was shocked by the product’s dyes, flavoring, BVO and preservatives. Jacquie, accustomed to eating anything (e.g. termites on the CBS show, Survivor)..she refused to drink the 1970s glucola. After bouncing around from OB to OB she decided to take on the challenge of launching a more natural version of the glucose beverage for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus screening.

Jacquie's career has always been in healthcare after graduating from UW-Madison. Growing up in the Midwest, Jacquie has a love hate relationship with her obsession over work. However she finds ways to stay glued to her co-founders (age 3 and 5) after work-hours. Her son and daughter were right along-side her (one was inside) through the many years of R&D and product launch.

Jacquie literally "runs" meetings while taking as many as she can on the road, jogging. A true college athlete and triathlete, Jacquie is taking a unique approach to business and claims the runner's-high leads to extremely successful brainstorming sessions. She is running this clinically backed company fast with 65% quarterly growth in hopes to make a massive impact before turning 40 in late 2022. Having started many companies throughout her life, Jacquie immediately felt God's hand on this one. This business always felt unique; no longer a struggler but rather each step was replenishing and reinvigorating.

While starting her family, Jacquie and her artist husband Tyler Ramsey, re-married in 20 different countries and cultures while working abroad in hospitals. Jacquie’s global perspective on healthcare has lent itself to an extremely innovative and natural portfolio of nutraceuticals and medical devices coming to market in the female space. Jacquie started her career in Fortune 500 Medical companies and although she has respects big-pharma, she hopes Fresh Test’s spike in market share has made a loud impression; to steer away from “earnings calls” focus and towards a better “why”…strengthening the voice of the patient & bringing mother-nature back into products.

Show Notes:

3:25 - Jacquie shares a little about herself and her personal experience with being pregnant and being offered the glucola drink for the glucose test during pregnancy. This is the why behind her drive to develop a safer product for Gestational Diabetes screening during pregnancy.

4:04 - Jacquie has over 15 years experience in pharmaceutical and medical community and this was a benefit in helping her to develop The Fresh Test.

5:19 - She ended up doing a pressed juice for her personal glucose test. Is a pressed juice the very best thing to take for Gestational Diabetes Screening?

6:49 - Jacquie talks about her time on Survivor (where she met her husband). She gladly ate handfuls of termites and grasshoppers BUT she was NOT comfortable with the list of ingredients on the glucose test. 😏

7:52 - We talk about what is expected for the GD screening and when you take it. 

9:43 - What does it mean for women when they are diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes? We cover those details here.

12:03 - We talk about different options such as jelly beans and licorice. Jacquie discusses how this test was developed in the 1970's and hasn't changed since, until now.

13:30 - What you can bring with you to your provider - documents and FAQ pages for your provider to understand more about the quality of this option. Almost 100% of providers are approving this.

14:20 - Ingredients within The Fresh Test. It's a very clean product.

15:20 - Where you can reach Jacquie and her team! You can send questions directly to them as well. 


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