Don't Underestimate the Power of Birth

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2021

We know from our years of serving women, taking them step by step through childbirth education, that there is a power to birth and work to be done in order to achieve the birth you desire. This episode highlights some important key things for you to do in order prepare for the birth that you want! From exercises, to meditation, and labor rehearsals, all the work that you put into preparing will pay off in a huge way when it comes time for the real thing! We know that if you're researching, listening to this podcast, taking our birth course, and following our posts on instagram that you are envisioning the birth that you want. We're here to help you achieve that goal. We love being your support and helping you find and make the choices that are right for you! We love hearing about all of the amazing stories of your empowered and successful births! You were made for birth and we know you can do this.

Show Notes

1:55 - We know that you can do this! You are strong and capable and absolutely made for this. There is a certain amount of work and preparation that goes into achieving anything that's worthwhile.

3:16 - One of the best things that we saw in 2020 was insurance companies covering out-of-hospital births! Because they knew that women could safely give birth out of a hospital setting, which led mothers to believe that they could do it, too. We don't want to lose that momentum of mom's believing in themselves!

4:47 - Birth is often related to running a marathon. If I decided to run a marathon there's a lot I could do to prep; I could listen to podcasts of people who were successful at it, watch videos about how to do it, listen to different challenges people worked through, surround myself with people who would encourage me....sound familiar? But what if when it came to training, I only ran once or twice a week? Didn't do any long runs, and didn't eat super well. How would that look? Would the outcome be different?

8:19 - Make sure you put in the work to meet the goal you have. The amount of work should match the how big your goal is. Be so prepared, that when it's go-time, the experience is, actually, easier and less stressful than the training!

9:34 - #1 Find your provider! YOUR provider. Someone who has the same birth philosophy and is ready to partner with you and do this thing! Ask the questions! Interview several. Find the right birth team.

9:50 - #2 Prep your partner! They have to be watching the videos. They have to be listening to the podcast. They have to be gaining the knowledge along side of you.

11:42 - #3 Physically Prepare! Birth is very physical in nature. Here's what you need to do to get physically prepped!

15:00 - #4 Relaxation is a learned technique! It is something that you learn over time and with practice.

15:22 - #5 Labor rehearsals! We hold live rehearsals in our private Facebook group, and there are some in the birth course.

15:55 - #6 Knowledge! If you don't know your options, you might not have any.

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