COVID-19: Birthing With Less Support

If you are pregnant and preparing to give birth during the COVID-19 global pandemic, this episode is for you! With many hospitals pulling back birth support we are getting so many questions about what mothers should do. This episode will help you prepare, as needed, for a birth with less birth support.
[2:08] Can you really "prepare" to have less support for birth?
[3:38] Listening to these podcasts are part of the foundation you are laying for your birth prep.
[5:48] Your partner should be prepared, especially if they are your only birth support + prepare other birth support in case your partner has signs/symptoms of COVID-19 and is unable to attend your birth with you
[7:31] HOW you prepare! - Some of our favorite books and podcast episodes.
[8:32] Birth videos + IG Content
[9:15] FREE Downloads from us to prepare you
[11:04] Know what it is evidence-based or not + stay healthy & low-risk so you have more options
[11:57] Decrease stress, yoga, and meditation
[13:40] YES, you should still create a brith plan!
[14:26] Remember to be patient with healthcare providers. They are under a lot of stress too and we are so grateful for them.
[15:52] Birth story from a My Essential Birth student in New York who tested positive for COVID-19 & what you can learn from it!
[26:18] Reach out to people that can help you and put your mind at ease.
[27:17] Spread some positivity and watch it come back to you, including telling other women what you're learning and the resources you're using.
[28:21] Tele-doula services
[30:12] How to use your partner to talk about the scary things & what you're partner may be thinking too.
[30:45] The main topics that you and your partner really need to know.
[32:38] Nurse baskets/Provider Baskets - Show some love for your provider and it can come back to you.
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