Cloth Diapering 101

If you're considering cloth diapering, I may just firehose you (in a good way) on this episode so I apologize, and you're welcome. It's a ton of information and I hope you give you a better idea of what you are in for. I cover everything from the benefits for baby and parents, what the upkeep looks like, what's not so great about cloth diapering, and onto how to care for them and some options for cloth diapers for when you're ready to buy.

Show Notes

3:45 - Did you know disposable diapers have chemicals? It's true. If you're looking for benefits, this is definitely one to cloth diapering. I list several more here.

8:15 - If you've had a baby who wakes up from a nap and gets into their diaper, and you are considering duck taping your child's diaper so they can't get into it 😂...I have a little trick for you!

9:45 - Benefits for moms and dads! I'm talking money, cute diaper prints, it's fun, and getting it on your baby registry!

11:41 - The upkeep for diapers may or may not have you excited. I thought it was fun but I totally get how it can be overwhelming or just an extra task. Here's kind of what I had and what I did with them.

14:53 - Some things that are not so awesome about cloth washing diapers, taking care of the waste, they can stink (especially when waiting to be washed), you use more throughout the day, and it's not super convenient while you're out and about.

18:20 - What does it cost to cloth diaper your baby?

22:23 - How to care for cloth diapers so you have a heads up for getting started.

27:10 - If you're looking for some different options for cloth diapers, including the fun, popular ones as well as the more budget-friendly options, listen here.

Links Mentioned

  1. Huggies

  2. Luvs

  3. Kirkland Diapers

  4. Amazon Registry

  5. Baby List Registry

  6. Snappi

  7. Rockin Green

  8. Country Save

  9. Kawaii Cloth Diapers


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