Birth Story: Madison Mackley's Unmedicated, Birth Center Birth

Madison shares how her birth goals changed over time and a red flag that caused her to change service providers for the better. Madison also discusses the moment she found the perfect birth center for her and what led her to that decision. Madison shares the preparation she did regularly for an empowered birth. She shares the spiritual side of her birth story and how she surrendered her body after a long and exhausting labor. Her story is beautiful and inspiring...and even full of some challenges, especially postpartum, so take a listen! I hope you enjoy this week's episode!

Show Notes:

[1:16] Reviewer of the week, SydneyAdairG, shares that she is 22 weeks pregnant and has been listening to the podcast "Every Step of the Way" since she found out she was pregnant. The podcast has helped her feel informed and in control of the process. She says she's also enrolled in the birth course and cannot wait to dig deeper into birth prep with her husband. Thank you Sydney 💜

[2:27] Madison introduces herself and her family.

[4:50] Madison shares how she found out she was pregnant, the emotions she went through and how she originally planned to go through the same birth process as her sisters.

[4:31] Madison shares that at 26 weeks, after listening to The Pregnancy & Birth Made Easy podcast and working through the My Essential Birth course, she discussed having an unmedicated birth with her hospital midwife. A red flag 🚩 caused Madison to change providers. Go Madi!! 📣 

[6:07] Madison talks about visiting a birth center that made her feel at home. Changing her provider helped her feel confident and empowered for birth. Madison goes into more detail on red flags that ultimately led her to changing providers for the better.

[7:23] Madison shares her feelings on changing providers at 26 weeks. When the new provider said "Our goals align with yours" she knew at that moment that it was the provider for her. Way to go Madison! 🥳

[15:21 Madison discusses how her husband's support was the rock she needed to meet her birth goals.

[23:49] Madison goes over the preparation she did regularly. She used My Essential Birth's 3 FREE Exercise Guide, positive affirmations, meditation and nutrition. Madison and her husband also practiced counter-pressure exercises. 

[24:37] Madison shares her incredible and spiritual birth story. She had concerns of potential induction at the hospital as she passed her due date but her husband calmed her and she was able to trust her body.

[41:37] Madison explains postpartum and how she recovered emotionally. She offers great advice to all moms on the importance of preparing for postpartum. 

[43:06] Madison offers her best advice for moms preparing to give birth. She shares the importance of trusting yourself and believing in yourself during childbirth. 

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