Birth Story: From Inductions to Speedy, Unmedicated Births with Lorelei & Jason Robbins

Show Notes:

[1:17] Our Reviewer of the Week, Celina Souffrant, said: “I started listening to this podcast about two weeks ago. I’m 34 weeks into my pregnancy, and it has been so helpful. The highlights for me are definitely the birth stories because it makes birth so much more relatable. In particular, I loved Sally’s recent birth story. Her tips, exuberant faith and infectious energy really transformed my perception of what a natural birth can look like. Please keep up the good work!”

I can’t get enough birth stories! This week’s particular birth story has a special place in my heart! I’m so excited to have Lorelei and her husband, Jason, here with me on the podcast. 💜

One of my favorite parts of what I do is getting to be a part of and hearing the incredible birth stories in the My Essential Birth community. Lorelei shares about how she did not see birth as a beautiful experience but something she had to get through to get to the baby. Positive birth stories are vital and empowering to other women and such an important part of preparing for your own birth experience.

[2:17] I share how Jason and Lorelei connected with me through an online puppy training course! 🐶

[3:16] Lorelei introduces herself, her husband, and her 8 children. She started listening to the podcast when she was about eight months pregnant with her 7th child. She hired Stephanie as her doula. Lorelei talks about how all her previous births were induced and how she did not know she had so many options. 😮

[6:11] Lorelei confided in Stephanie about what she wanted for her next birth. She shares her hospital experience with her previous six children. 🏥

[8:15] We hear about her birth story with her seventh baby, and how they did not recognize the signs of labor! 🤯 She felt like she had a mental block and that her body did not just “go into labor.”

[10:25] They talk about their plans for the weekend, not having a bag packed, and not being prepared for the baby to come before the due date! 🧳

[12:28] It took four minutes to get to the hospital and only 25 minutes before the baby was born in the ER! 😳 The entire experience was unlike any of her other births.

[16:45] She describes the whole thing as quick but beautiful! 😍 She shares about how she felt that God answered all of her desires for how she wanted her birth to go. We also talk about her recovery from a natural birth versus a medicated birth.

[21:55] I talk about how my experience as a doula was during this birth. There is so much power behind making the decisions before it’s “go time” and shaping your relationship with the baby and your birth partner. 🥰

[26:45] Jason shares about how the experience was for him as the dad. He compares the differences between the births. He talks about how he would joke that he couldn’t go through labor without his wife getting an epidural. 😅 He loved the process each time. 

[33:59] I ask Jason if he thinks there are things that he would do to connect with and support Lorelei if they were to go through birth again. He said that he was surprised that part of the doula work included him as well. 

[35:58] Dads get a bad rap in the birth space. Without clear direction and support on how to love their wives, it can become overwhelming. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Communication is so important! Mom and dad can have an incredible bonding experience.

[37:06] Jason talks about his confusion about trying to help his wife and how what she wanted would change minute to minute. ⏰ Hearing from the doula how what Mom needs could change often was so helpful. 

[38:55] Lorelei and Jason share the birth experience for their most recent baby. They felt like the My Essential Birth course made such a huge difference. They did all the things to prepare! 💻

[41:59] Lorelei shares about how she felt when her due date came and went. She did not feel right about induction, and she felt like Stephanie’s support as her doula helped her get through the waiting. 💜

[45:05] Vaginal tests were refused because Lorelei felt like they were discouraging! They didn’t tell her anything she didn’t already know. 🙄 After she was ten days past her due date, she had an exam and was 2cm. 

[47:05] I had Lorelei drink the Midwives Brew to help her labor progress. 🍶 In my Past Due highlight on Instagram, I saved some messages of encouragement that women sent while Lorelei was in labor. The community that rallied behind her was just incredible! 💕

[48:50] Lorelei asked me to tell everyone about the walk we went on. I told her to bring her water because it was a decent-sized walk, over a mile, uphill, plus curb-walking! We talk about the things we did to get labor moving along. 🚶🏼‍♀️ 🚶🏼‍♀️

[53:11] I talk about the signs I saw that indicated Lorelei was in labor and ready to have her baby. 🤰🏼

[54:03] Jason and Lorelei relive the birth story once they got to the hospital. By the time they got her into the room and into the bed, the baby was born four minutes later. 🤯

[57:10] Lorelei came to the realization that she didn’t feel as empowered in her body during her first births. 💪🏼 She didn’t see it as a beautiful experience but something she had to get through to get to the baby. Her mind needed to shift to see birth as beautiful, powerful, and spiritual. 

[59:01] I talk about how I was too late to get to Lorelei’s side because the baby had already arrived. 😔

[1:00:35] Lorelei loved having her mom present, having her baby on her chest, recovery was great, and the birth was beautiful. ✨ She shares about her postpartum depression and how she’s been dealing with that. 

[1:02:02] What I love most about this story is the strength and the impact Lorelei is having by telling her positive birth stories. I feel blessed to have been a part of her birth experience and in that sacred space with her.  💫

[1:02:40] Lorelei’s last piece of advice is to 1) get a doula and 2) take the My Essential Birth Course. 😘

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