Birth: Enneagram Type 3

Uncategorized Oct 28, 2019

While every woman and every birth are unique, wouldn't it be helpful if you were given a personal roadmap that anticipated your strengths, challenges and needs for birth? Well, you're in luck! This podcast episode is the FIRST in a series that will discuss each Enneagram type and how they birth. If you're new to the Enneagram, we've linked to a free test (to determine your type) in the show notes below.

[2:30] What is the enneagram?
[4:12] Use this as a tool to help you understand yourself & others and be healthier emotionally.
[5:14] Description of Type 3s.
[10:48] We get into to talking about Type 3s and Birth.
[11:53] Type 3s will pursue their birth goals with crazy intensity.
[16:54] What partners need to know about supporting a Type 3 mama
[21:39] Find It & Flip It Exercise helps Type 3 to feel loved and accepted of themselves
[22:03] Cortney shares her experience about how a Type 3 may be hindered during birth.
[25:58] Birth is a mental game. The majority of what is happening is inside of your head but it has a physical effect.
[26:35] Your wing number (2 or 4 for Type 3).
[28:53] If a Type 3 is not feeling supported by a birth partner...
[29:25] Birth plan for Type 3.
[31:05] Meditations and preparation are crucial for Type 3s.
[31:47] Recommendations and closing remarks for Type 3s.
[32:44] What happens when a Type 3 doesn't hit their birth goal...
[35:05] Why Type 3s LOVE the My Essential Birth Course!
[37:23] Song for Enneagram Type 3.
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