Becoming a Doula + Making Induction a Success with Bonnie Baker

A doula's role in assisting in childbirth is not only beautiful but also sacred. To those who maybe aren't so familiar, a doula is someone who supports women through pregnancy, birth and postpartum, mostly known for their hands-on support during the actual labor process. They also help the mother and her partner make informed decisions about the birth by providing emotional support, physical comfort, information and practical assistance. The best part? They work for YOU! Not your provider, not anyone else who may have an agenda, they are there to help you get all the information, and then support whatever decisions YOU choose to create your best birth.

If you're someone who wants to become or hire a doula, this episode is a treat to listen to! I have professional doula, and dear friend, Bonnie Baker, join me today to discuss the essential nuances of doula training, working as a doula, and we also dive a little deeper into how to have a successful birth induction, whatever "success" looks like for you!

Bonnie also dives into her daily doula workflow, her process of finding the right clients, the importance of a heart-to-heart connection in the profession, and how to effectively use a backup to support yourself through the over 12-hour workdays!

Key Takeaways: 

[00:00:04] Reviewer of the week

[00:02:03] Meet Bonnie Baker, a birth doula since 2014, and her path to discovering a true passion for the profession. 

[00:05:21] Wondering what a doula's job looks like? We bet it may be a little different than what you imagine!

[00:07:15] Bonnie explains her workflow and client-acquisition process, including why she prefers an interview-like conversation before taking up the work. It's all about finding the right match; energy-wise, skill-wise, and trust-wise. 

[00:12:52] How to become a doula: Bonnie breaks down her journey for you to easily succeed in your career as a doula. She goes on to explain her family's support for her job and why it's been crucial in her career. 

[00:22:40] It might sound impossible working over 12 hours a day at a stretch, but that is a challenge doulas willingly undertake. Here's how Bonnie explains her work life and how she uses backups to keep from facing burnout. 

[00:33:00] Curious how much it would cost to become a doula? Listen here!

[00:38:19] Bonnie's best tips and tricks behind a successful induction! 

[00:43:48] The incredible childbirth community Bonnie is involved with, the programs they offer, and how they're forever led by the passion for helping people in society. 


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