Babywearing with Certified Babywearing Educator: Annie Roskelley

This week we are joined by Annie Roskelley, a mother to 3 kids, certified babywearing educator, and volunteer at Babywearing Weber/Davis County Utah. She's sharing all her tips for making babywearing easy and enjoyable no matter how old your baby is or how much experience you have with carriers.

Show Notes:

1:12 - Reviewer of the week!

3:23 - Introducing Annie Roskelley, a mother of 3 and certified babywearing educator

5:44 - What are babywearing groups and what do they actually offer?

7:07 - Where can you find a babywearing group?

7:50 - I share my (kinda ridiculous) experience going through carriers trying to find the right fit

11:11 - Annie shares the amazing benefits of babywearing (anyone wanna go to the bathroom with both their hands free? )

13:04 - Can you wear your baby after a cesarean birth?

14:40 - All the tips for keeping baby safe in any carrier!

15:45 - When do you switch your baby from inward to outward facing? 

17:35 - What if baby doesn't like the carrier?

20:05 - When can you move baby to your back? 

22:03 - What are the best types of carriers?

28:35 - How do you wear your baby when you're pregnant?

30:11 - Is it possible to carry twins?

31:20 - Can you go to the bathroom while you're babywearing?

32:42 - The best advice for transferring your baby from their car seat to the carrier without embarrassing yourself in the parking lot.

33:42 - Is it worth it to take a sleeping baby out of their car seat to put them in the carrier?

34:38 - Annie shares how she actually found her babywearing group and how they helped her through her postpartum depression.

35:48 - Is it possible to keep life "normal" while baby wearing?

36:50 - How to get support from Annie or her babywearing group

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