Almost Didn't Make It - Kayla's Unmedicated Birth Story

Kayla and her husband, Grant, share about what mattered most when preparing for their first birth and how they are getting ready to meet this baby! Kayla openly shares about her struggle with and ultimate decision to become a mother. Her and Grant discuss the open communication that was so crucial for them prior to and during pregnancy. Kayla also discusses her concern with the changes having a child would make to her body, especially considering she is in the fitness industry. This is a must-listen because I know many, many women struggle with these same things and I love how she was able to work through each of these challenges. 

Her birth story is incredible as well! She talks about how all of her prep left her unconvinced that she was even in labor come birthing time AND how she arrived at the hospital just in time to birth her baby, unmedicated, and exactly how she had planned for. I hope you absolutely enjoy listening to this week's birth story episode!

**PLUS, Kayla is an incredible Pilates instructor and she discusses how she uses movement and core work as part of her everyday birth prep and she has included a free download for everyone - available here!

Show Notes:

[1:23] Reviewer of the week, Lolo1694 shares that this her third pregnancy and first baby to make it earthside and she's loving the PBME podcast. She says no matter which kind of birth you want, this podcast educates you for it! She has been sharing the podcast (THANK YOU! 💜) and keeps coming back. Thank you Lolo!

[3:56] Kayla and Grant introduce themselves and their family.

[6:05] Kayla shares that they weren't planning to have children and came to a place where they needed to decide if they were going to remain together since one wanted children and one didn't at the time. She also discusses her therapy sessions she had in order to decide what was right for her and how to overcome concerns and fears surrounding labor and delivery.

[10:55] Kayla discusses what was unique about her last pregnancy and this pregnancy - including emotions, unknowing, prep work, and review of what was learned from her first pregnancy. Kayla shares that everything shut down two months before she was due with the pandemic happening.

[14:53] Grant discusses what it was like talking about Kayla's changing body prior to her having their first baby. He also talks about supporting Kayla and understanding what she needs and how he did that.

[18:13] Kayla shares about losing her job because of Covid and how this turned into a major blessing for her.

[20:27] Kayla's first birth was a hospital birth with an OB who she says is more like a midwife. She is planning to give birth with this same provider as well. She says she felt like her OB really cared, listened to her, never rushed her and is excited to be with her again.

[21:57] Kayla gave birth with a different OB since she was unable to choose who was at her birth but she said ultimately it didn't make a difference for her since she walked into the hospital pretty much ready to push.

[24:13] Kayla talks about how taking a great birth class helped prepare her and Grant for pregnancy and birth. It improved their communication and helped them work together with Grant as the main support person. 

[24:50] Grant shares his perspective on taking the birth class, reluctantly, and how much he ended up enjoying what he was learning. 

[27:25] Kayla & Grant talk about review for this pregnancy and what each of them are doing to prepare for this birth - The Pregnancy & Birth Made Easy podcast, positive birth stories, mantras, mindsets, and meditations. 

[30:40] Kayla dives into her first birth story!! 😍 It starts with a little rush of fluid and a declined cervical check. Way to go Kayla. 🥳

[38:44] Kayla began having the urge to push in triage. She shares that when the nurse said she was 9 1/2cm she's pretty sure that was just to make sure the doctor could get there before she started pushing. 

[43:19] Kayla shares she's a little more hesitant and wondering if she can do it this time through, knowing the sensations from her first birth. She says that her prep for her first birth had a lot to do with preparing together as husband and wife, and this time is more about mindset. 

[45:13] Kayla talks about how she has used pilates this pregnancy as part of preparing her body for birth.

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