A Guided Pregnancy Meditation for Mamas

Show Notes:

[1:12] We’re changing things up, and we’re diving right into a guided meditation. This is something I feel like is really useful for moms in any stage of pregnancy. I don’t know about you and if you’ve been feeling any anxiety in the air, but it feels like every mama I talk to is feeling stressed, heavy, or overwhelmed. If that sounds like you, let’s dive into a pregnancy meditation.

[1:57] Meditation can be powerful. The mind is very powerful and very suggestive during pregnancy. We want to give it the good stuff to help us have a good mindset for pregnancy & birth. This simple, guided meditation will help you feel calm, relaxed, and in-tune with your body.

[2:22] Make sure you are in a safe, quiet place. Set the mood (lighting, smell, comfort of what you’re wearing or laying on). Lay in your bed or sit on a chair. Pause, get yourself comfortable, and let’s begin.

[3:15] Stephanie walks us through a guided meditation.

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