Why The Golden Hour Matters!

Are you prepared for the very first step of the postpartum period? This week on the podcast, I talk about the golden hour—that crucial first 60 minutes following your baby’s birth. I’ll be going through why the golden hour is so important, how to get it (if it’s not immediately offered to you during your care), and exactly what you and your partner should be doing during that time. Tune in and enjoy!

Show Notes

1:45 - The golden hour is the first hour after the baby is born. It’s the crucial 60-minute transition that your baby goes through between the womb and the outside world. During this important time, mom and baby need time together, undisturbed, in order for them to bond, familiarize themselves with each other, and start building a connection outside the womb.

3:27 - Look for a hospital with a baby-friendly certification, as these hospitals are guaranteed to offer you this golden hour. But it’s not a deal-breaker even if your hospital doesn’t have this certification. Take the time to speak with your care provider, birth center, or hospital on exactly what to expect regarding the postpartum period.

4:37 - There are a ton of benefits to the golden hour, and they range from short-term to long-term impacts. Skin-to-skin directly after delivery is such a vital first step in our first hour of life that a baby will instinctively look for mom’s breast once they are placed on her tummy. Check out the amazing video I’ve linked below to see this in action!

12:05 - What shouldn’t happen during golden hour? The weight check can wait an hour. For that matter, there shouldn’t be any rush to take any other measurements until after golden hour. Vaccines and other shots, blood work, hearing tests, baths, and the like aren’t urgent, either.

13:51 What if mom has a Cesarean birth? And what should the partner’s role be? Different providers and hospitals have different policies so, again, it’s important to have this conversation beforehand. I’ve included a gentle Cesarean birth plan that you can download for free, linked below.

17:52 How do we enforce the golden hour? How do you ensure that you receive this uninterrupted time for your birth? Aside from requesting that time from your provider, make sure you communicate to friends and family that you need those 60 minutes following the birth. You can’t get that hour back, so take it.

20:44 What other questions should you ask your provider? The clearer you are on what to expect, the more relaxed and enjoyable your golden hour will be—as it should be.


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