Why Partners Love Doulas for Birth Support

If your partner is thinking that there's really no point in having a doula because that's kind of taking over their job, or they don't think it's worth the financial investment, or they just literally have no idea what a doula does, they're not alone! This episode is going to walk you through our (my husband + me) journey to discovering what a doula was, why she might be beneficial, if she was actually worth the investment, and if we would hire one again. I hope you have your partners listen in to this episode because it's an honest take on what it's like for our partners to think through and plan for having someone in their intimate space with the woman they love, during labor and birth. 

Show Notes

5:29 - My husband give his thoughts on what he thought the job of a doula was and his perspective on what he thought his job would be if he had a doula.

8:30 - I explain the role of a doula and my personal experience with my doula during my pregnancy and labor of my third child.

12:35 - We talk about how the birth partner is supported by the doula and what my husband's experiences and expectations were.

16:30 - I ask my husband what he thought a doula should NOT do and I elaborate and solidify some of the points he touched on.

18:53 - I explain some of the steps I took and suggestions on steps to take when interviewing a doula and understanding what's right for your birth team. My husband also touches briefly on his thoughts and feelings when meeting the doula and other things to consider.

25:45 - I go through basic questions to ask when interviewing your potential doula. I also explain the benefits of asking each of these questions and answers to look out for.

38:53 - I ask my husband if he noticed any support I was receiving prior to my labor and what my support looked like after labor. I elaborated on how I felt support by my doula prior, during, and after birth.

43:24 - We talk about the cost of a doula and what goes into the compensation of a doula.

45:51 - My husband gives his final remarks to fellow dads about his experience as a whole and how important this doula experience was for him.

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