Where Can I Have My Baby?

When it comes to giving birth, most people picture it going down in a hospital room. This is absolutely an option and there are more! That’s what we’re setting out to discuss this week on the Pregnancy and Birth Made Easy podcast. Join us as we go over the different locations where you can have your baby, the pros and the cons, and share evidence-based information as well as real-life experiences in order to help you decide what will be the very best place for YOUR birth.

Show Notes:

 1:14 - Reviewer of the week!

 2:30 - The question I hear the most, "What are my options for where I give birth?" this episode dives into all of them...minus the forest... 

3:24 - A little love note to the new moms and dads that have come to my classes, I love watching those lightbulbs come on as you dream up your birth map.

5:07 - I am devoted to keeping my content evidence-based and non biased. You have the ultimate choice in everything you decide for your birth. I think you are an amazing mama and you are supported here no matter what!

7:00 - Let's get into birthing at the hospital. The biggest pros of a hospital birth? The immediate access to medical equipment and medication. (Not to mention the cleaning crew who takes care of the mess____ I might even say this is one of the biggest pros of hospital birth haha!) 

11:10 - Birth isn't necessarily an emergency but because hospitals are set up for emergencies, they tend to look for them. If you're looking for an unmedicated birth this may be a con to you so make sure you mentally prep! 
Hospitals also may not have things you desire for your birth like birth balls, tubs, heat packs, etc. so make sure you take a hospital tour before choosing your birth space.
An additional con is that they may want you to be consistently monitored or be hooked up to an IV. If you're choosing to have less vaginal exams and not be tied up with monitoring equipment, be prepared to advocate for this birth plan. (A doula can help you here!) 

14:50 - The types of providers you'll find in a hospital setting are mainly Obstetricians (OB's) and Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM's). 

16:16 - The admissions process of birthing in a hospital is thorough and can be overwhelming during labor. 

18:00 - My best tip for hospital births? Ask for what you need as soon as you get in the room!

18:33 - Should you have a doula in a hospital birth? (If you've been listening, you already know my answer is YES!!!!)

19:13 - Does birthing in a hospital increase your risk for interventions? The short answer, it definitely can. Make sure to research your hospital's cesarean rate and birth policies so you can be prepared for how they may handle your birth.

22:20 - My favorite part of birthing in a hospital is definitely the birth bed. It can move and adjust to basically any position which is magic for laboring! If you've birthed in a hospital let me know what the best part was for you! 

23:25 - As you're touring the hospital, make sure you're keeping these things in mind for packing your birth bag!

24:48 - Did you know that hybrid hospitals/birth centers exist? They do! It's the best of both worlds since you have immediate access to the hospital equipment in case of emergencies (or if you decide to get the epidural midway through labor) and you also have the luxury of having the homey feel or a real bed. 

27:50 -  How do you have a successful birth in a hybrid setting? 

28:10 -  Free standing birth centers are more like home and are staffed by an out of hospital midwife; either a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), a Licensed Direct Entry Midwife (LDEM), or a Direct Entry Midwife (DEM). 
*a CPM is a midwife who has gone through all the in school, textbook training and state certification while a DEM is not certified and is responsible for their own, hands on education. A LDEM is a a midwife who is not certified but has licensure to carry certain medication. 

30:30 - Birth centers are ready to assist in unmedicated births and feel more like home. They're equipped with regular beds and any medical equipment is usually kept out of sight. Because there are less people working and laboring in the birth center, it will be more quiet and offer less distractions than a hospital would. (Side note, they also don't SMELL like a hospital) Birth centers offer a relaxing, familiar environment and while they don't have medication they do have lots of support. You'll usually have a midwife, midwife's assistant, your doula, and your birth partner. I also love the idea that I can leave the birth center relatively quickly after giving birth and go home to my own bed. Birth centers also usually have extra amenities like deep birth tubs, birth balls, heat packs etc. 

33:47 - A con of birthing in the birth center is that you need to transfer to a hospital for medication or emergency situations which can be sooo uncomfortable if you're right in the middle of labor. They're also usually not covered by insurance although I have found that health shares like Christian Ministries  and Liberty HealthShare do cover home births. Since birth centers cater to low-risk pregnancies, they're usually less expensive as you're not paying for medications or surgeries. 

37:10 - My favorite part of birthing at a birth center is definitely the homey feel with the added benefit that you don't have to actually clean up the mess at your own home. 

38:26 - My best tip for having a successful birth center birth is to make sure you take a good birth course to prepare your mind and body for birth. Don't underestimate the power of birth, get the knowledge and come prepared. 

40:09 - Let's talk about home births! Birthing at home is great for people who are looking for an unmedicated birth in a comfortable familiar environment. Home births are usually attended to by midwives and I feel the biggest pro is that they come to you so you don't need to travel anywhere in labor. Side note, I promise the people attending your birth will help you clean up the mess so no need to worry about that. 

43:17 - The full support of your birth team makes a huge difference in your experience. When I hit a wall in my home birth, my support team pushed me through and changed everything for me. 

 46:44 - The biggest con is that you may need to transfer if anything serious comes up or if you decide you want to use medication. If your birth plan includes using a birth pool, you'll buy one online or rent one from your midwife or doula. 

48:18 - I say this in every episode but I absolutely recommend a doula for ANY birth. 

48:45 - My favorite part of birthing at home was being at home in my own bed.

49:25 - Having a successful home birth means doing the prep work and trusting your team!

49:30 - "No matter how or which way you decide to birth your baby. You can have a healthy and natural experience." 

49:58 - My best tip for choosing your birth space is to envision your birth and notice the details. Are you moving around? Who is in the room with you? Do you have an IV? Keep your birth map in mind, what matters most to you? Focus on your plan as you make your choice about where to birth. 

50:42 - How long do you actually have to change your mind about providers and birth places? 

51:58 - "Remember that your body is made to do this. No matter where you give birth, you can have an excellent, wonderful, beautiful experience that you can have joy on looking back."

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