Successful Parenting Starts with Pregnancy

We're all learning together. There isn't one way to create or raise a child and there's not even a 'right' way for every person, couple, or family to navigate childbirth and parenting. 

It helps tremendously to find your voice as a mother or mother-to-be. In today's episode of My Essential Birth, we'll look into the importance of advocating for yourself during childbirth and parenting. You'll learn how CHOOSING things for yourself – be it your provider, your childbirth environment, or the medications for yourself and your child, could make an incredible difference in your life. It isn't wrong to be informed about medical practices. It's only right to know the facts and organize them to choose what's best for you. Listen to this episode for more information!

Show Notes:

1:12 - Our reviewer of the week shares how easy this podcast is to listen to and gain valuable knowledge. They recommend this podcast to anyone who is pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant

3:33 - Find your voice when it comes to advocating for your baby during pregnancy. It could mean asking uncomfortable questions or making difficult choices, but it's always your call to make any decision. 

6:54 - It isn't wrong to be the authority on some things. Sometimes, it could take an incorrect diagnosis to learn that we need something else or someone else – a second opinion or a different provider? 

8:35 - Providers practice differently. You need to look into three things before deciding on your provider:
1) Their preferences
2) Their practice
3) Their Knowledge 
and Educational background. "A good provider is going to use not only their experience but their knowledge and education, they're going to ask other providers and seek for further answers." 

10:54 - You don't have to be in an emergency to consult a provider. "Even though it's just a totally normal, natural part of life, there are complications that can arise. There should be educated, helpful people around, but how we treat them, I think is a little bit different." 

12:51 - You need to address how your provider makes you feel, how they treat you, whether you're able to talk openly with them, whether they listen, and address your concerns. 

18:26 - By advocating for yourself, you're not only helping yourself, but you're also supporting the birthing community. When you choose your method of birth – medicated or unmedicated, hospital or home, you're empowering other women to believe they have a choice too. 

19:55 - You need to address your mental health concerns post-childbirth. There are postpartum advisors and mental health experts who would help you navigate that phase. 

21:23 Pregnancy, parenting, and the challenges Stephanie felt with her paediatrician for not wanting to vaccinate her baby. Stephanie explains how it took her time to find a provider that was the best fit for her, and it helped change her childbirth and parenting experience positively. 

25:54 - You always have the right to speak up for your baby. You have to understand your baby's requirements and make decisions so that you're not putting them on unnecessary medications. 

29:57 - Find a provider that matches with you. When your parenting rights and birthing preferences are understood, you feel much better.

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