Speedy Delivery: Erica’s Birth Story

On this weeks podcast, I had the pleasure of sitting with one of the members of the My Essential Birth Course, and talking about her most recent birth experience. Erica is a mother of three, and due to previous births that were less than she had hoped for, she decided to explore a different option for her third pregnancy. She talks about her provider experience - what needed to change for this birth, course experience - what worked well, and her partner's experience - how he was not only able to step up and support her but also how he was so proud of her afterwards. We also talked about many other important aspects of pregnancy and birth. You're in for a treat with this beautiful birth story!

Show Notes

3:18 - Erica introduces herself. She gives us a bit of background about who she is, where she’s from, and her family dynamics. She further talks about how she discovered MEB and her not-so-favorite experiences prior to joining the course.

8:58 Erica talks about the signs of pregnancy that she experienced with all her pregnancies and how they were similar. She further goes into assembling her birth team and how she navigated that process.

13:43 - I ask Erica about her partner’s experience and how did they differed with each pregnancy and birth. She talks about a lot of the concerns he had and what allowed him to ease his concerns (listen in - this is super common for our partners!). She also talks about his experience within the birth course and what worked well.

17:22 - Erica gives us all the details of her labor and birth experience. She goes through the day, her mental space behind her decision-making, and when she informed her husband & her provider that it was go-time. She also talks about the transition period from home to hospital.

20:19 - I asked Erica her about her contractions and how she knew when it was real labor as well as how she worked through them. She gave excellent insight for working through contractions that she learned during the course that helped her work comfortably through her contractions.

28:02 - Erica talked about her postpartum period and the differences between her first two children's births and this recent birth. She touches on what was different with her breastfeeding journey. She also talks about some of the challenges that she faced as well as her husband’s experience this time around (dad's listen up!)

31:19 - I ask her what her best advice to moms and dad is. She gives several answers and the reasoning behind why!


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