Kirsten’s Home Birth Story

When it comes to giving birth at home, most of us think we have a clear picture of what it will look like. Mom is in a super comfortable setting, with the support of family and friends, surrounded by candles and the calm presence of a midwife. Little do most of us know the beautiful mix of emotions experienced at that time, as well as the uncertainty and challenges that mothers embrace with strength and grace.

Today's episode will introduce to you to Kirsten and her husband, previous students of the My Essential Birth course, who share their experience in pre and postnatal days, dealing with anxiety, HG, and bonding with her newborn post-birth. Not only will you learn the nuances of childbirth at home, but you will also learn how to train your mind to be calm and prepared by having a clear picture of the succession of events during labor.

Show Notes:

0:06 - Reviewer of the week 

1:11 - Introducing Kirsten!

2:25 - Kirsten shares how she found out she was pregnant before her positive pregnancy test. She shares that her first trimester was challenging as she dealt with HG.

3:24 - Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is an extreme type of morning sickness that gets you to throw up blood, black out, lose weight, and feel nauseous during your pregnancy. Yikes, right?!? Kirsten discusses her experience with HG until week 13 and that some people can have it until they give birth.

4:45 - Kirsten explains how the third trimester was a breeze for her and how she credits her ability to stay calm to her belief in prayer.

6:05 - Kirsten shares how she was scheduled for an induction but was able to advocate for extra time by sharing her cycle tracking with her midwife. If you haven't tracked before, I definitely recommend this awesomeness - particularly if you're listening and trying to get pregnant! BUT if you're already pregnant, remember it for next time.

7:18 - We hear how Kirsten decided to give birth at home, unmedicated, with the assistance of her midwife. 

9:00 - How did her husband react to her desire to birth at home?...

10:30 - Prodromal labor is when you have real labor contractions that come and go over hours, days, or even weeks. Anxiety could trigger the condition as well as positioning of the baby. Kirsten explains how it's difficult to relax when you think it's go time but eventually things got moving.

12:47 - Labor finally started a couple days later at 2 am! Kirsten shares that she began 
feeling Braxton Hicks at 17 weeks so she had plenty of experience with contractions. She shares her tips to stay calm as you approach the time of birth. She also explains the overwhelming gratitude she experienced after a healthy pregnancy and seeing her baby was healthy.

18:59 - Kirsten explains why she wanted a water birth, the preparations they had made for that, learning it wasn't possible for her (interesting story about the water!!), and helping her child out through 9 hours of labor.

22:00 - Kirsten shares why relaxing took a lot of work for her and what she and her husband did to make that happen, including using essential oils, facial massage, decorations, and playing soothing music...hint hint for what you learn in The My Essential Birth Course 😏

26:10 - Why it's essential to have a crystal clear understanding of the progression of events relating to your childbirth. Kirsten explains how it helped her feel prepared for what was to come, helped her communicate her concerns effectively, and avoided confusion.

27:45 - The first six weeks post-childbirth and why it was uncomfortable for Kirsten.

30:00 - Kirsten's husband shares how it was supporting and preparing with his wife, helping her during and after pregnancy.

33:34 - Dads need to be prepared for the ins and outs of pregnancy and postpartum!

36:50 - Advice for mothers – trust your gut, don't be afraid to set boundaries because recovery too is essential, and communicate what you need. Excellent takeaways here!!

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