Bringing Baby Home: Mom & Dad Talk Postpartum

You’ve had the baby, now what? This has now become a 24 hour responsibility. In this episode, I walk you through what happens from the time you give birth, until you reach home, and even some tools that can be useful once you've brought baby home and start to manage your everyday life. My husband also share's his dad perspective of what it was like for him when welcoming our children home. Listen in, get some great information and even better, some awesome laughs.

Show Notes

4:40 - Hospital to home, what happens? We chat about a series of things such as, the car being checked and different tests both mom and baby have to pass prior to being discharged from the hospital. 

10:13 - Visitation! We talked about our experience when it came to visitors after the birth of our children, and how it varied from child to child, both in hospital in home. We also made light of how we’re in Covid times and what visitation may look like these days. 

13:10 - It's important to take it easy and allow your body to heal postpartum and we go over signs that will indicate if you’re over-exerting yourself. This is also a good time to establish roles and we talk about the importance of that so you can allow your body to heal properly.

17:07 - The golden hour is wonderful for bonding time and important for a positive breastfeeding experience. This benefits both mom and baby within that first hour and beyond. I also talk about the importance of meeting with a lactation consultant prior to leaving the hospital to set mom up for a successful breastfeeding journey.

20:33 - We touch on how milk consumption translates to diaper counts, how to protect the umbilical cord area from diapers and care for the umbilical cord area.

23:38 - Being new parents means there's probably lack of sleep involved. Experience is the best teacher and we have some tips on what could have gone better.

26:07 - When baby is born there’s a lot of focus on their well being but it’s important for both parents to care for their well being, including mind & body. I talk about the importance of healthy meals, especially mom if she’s breastfeeding, getting out, and just overall self care.

30:21 - My husband gives his point of view on the things he found that were difficult and what he found to be the easiest during the postpartum period. We share multiple stories to highlight both the easy & difficult moments.

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