Cesareans: When They're Necessary & Avoiding When They Aren't- PART 1

With cesarean rates higher than ever in the U.S. we realize there is a major lack of education about why and how to avoid an unnecessary one, until now. This two part episode covers all things cesarean birth, from the history behind cesarean birth, where it developed, why the cesarean birth rate has not gone down (even though it should have), why a provider may recommend one - including which reasons are legitimate and which can be avoided, what you can expect if you have one, and most importantly how to PREVENT an unnecessary cesarean birth! This episode (Part 1) covers everything through why a provider might recommend one. Truthfully we want to talk about VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) but quickly realized our mamas will need this info first! Enjoy!
[2:08] Kids say the darndest things
[4:20] The facts of cesareans
[6:57] The history of cesarean birth
[7:08] Improper nutrition in the 1900's caused Rickets (which in turn causes a malformations of bones - including the pelvis)
[11:47] Cesarean facts (rates by year)
[12:33] Why (legitimate reasons) cesarean births may become necessary & some you can avoid
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