3 Pregnancy Lies You Probably Believe

 Since it's the simple things that can trip us up the most when it comes to trying to create the birth experience we’re really aiming for, I want to throw a few "obvious" but not so obvious lies you will likely believe if you hear them during your pregnancy. I’m hoping as I give you some more details about each of these three lies your mind will start to sort through all of the information and you will continue to build on that knowledge so you have it for when you need it. Overall, I want you to realize how much power you have over your birth experience and that you are truly the one in charge. So I will tell you each lie, give you all the nitty gritty facts, and then end with the truth. Remember I am not a medical provider and cannot provide medical advice. I’m just a birth nerd who loves to know what my options are when it comes to birthing and then be able to share them with all of you.

Show Notes

5:01 - The first lie that is told when it comes to pregnancy, your weight. Sometimes mama’s don’t fit into “the standard weight” a provider would like to see. There's actually a lot more to the issue of weight than jus the pounds we discuss.

14:13 - Here is what a healthy conversation sounds like between mom and provider as it relates to weight issues. This conversation should be encouraging while also providing tools to have impact. I further go into different things that will contribute a healthy diet that will then translate into healthy weight gain and ultimately the truth behind weight as it relates to pregnancy.

17:46 - Lie #2: Moving due dates based on baby’s measurements. If you're wondering what concerns may arise from your provider which may cause them to want to induce or move due dates based on baby’s size, listen in here. Are there situations where moms make bigger babies? Yes...

23:45 - This is a review of how to calculate due dates....and how it inaccuracies can potentially lead to one, incorrect sizing as it relates to gestational age and two, unnecessary interventions. Don't worry, I break down a few scenarios for you too.

27:53 - Ultrasound & fundle height measurements, are they accurate? 

30:20 - Lie #3: Being GBS+ ruins the birth I dreamed of. I dive into Group B Strep, what it is, the different ways it can impact the baby, and some of the testing involved.

35:30 - I know you want some stats on how likely baby will be to get GBS. On top of that, knowing the different ways to treat it will help you make decisions for your birth.

40:27 -These are some questions and concerns moms may have about their birth plan if they're GBS positive. You have options! So listen in.

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