What You Don't Know Can Hurt You


TV lied. They almost always depict birth as super simple...
Pregnant woman shows up to the hospital with a frantic, fumbling husband.
Cut to a scene of the woman either panting or screaming.
Woman exits the hospital with a baby and big smiles.
There's SO MUCH that happens in between this "enter pregnant, exit with a baby" scenario, but too many mamas don't realize this until after their first birth. They leave feeling frustrated, maybe disappointed, and determined to be better prepared for their next birthing experience. Because...when it comes to birth, ignorance is NOT bliss.
Smart mamas know that understanding your options and what to expect puts you in the driver's seat! Yes, your provider is there to help you have a safe experience. But having an enjoyable birth experience is up to you. In this week's podcast episode, we get into some of the hot topics surrounding options during birth.
[1:06]: If you don't know your options, you may not have any
[1:49]: Examples of options:
-Option 1: Episiotomies are rarely necessary - your body will naturally tear around major blood vessels and nerve endings, scissors don't discriminate
Option 2: Intermittent monitoring - can get stuck in bed if you don't know you can have it, limits movement
Option 3: VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) - can end up with unnecessary cesarean birth
[6:21] You have many other options too, like where you birth, who and what kind of care provider you have, and whether or not to have an induction (what?!?)...yep, some of that is definitely in your control.
[9:32] Your Bishop's Score plays a part in how successful your induction will be
[9:58] List of options during birth - what you wear during birth, whether or not you eat or drink food during birth, if you have your bag of waters break on its own or have it manually broken, if you have an IV or not/heplok, pushing positions - being on your back is the least favorable position
[14:50] It's a myth that you can't control anything during birth
[15:00] When you understand what your options are, you have POWER
[17:03] How to get educated on these options - 1. Preparation, 2. Having the right provider + How to communicate with your birth team
[21:17] Doulas help make sure that you get the things you want during birth
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