Medicated vs Unmedicated: The Controversial Topic We Plan to Dispel Once & For All

Do you ever feel like you have to pick a side?!
We know all too well that this controversial topic can lead to many one-ups, horror stories, and hurt feelings, but it doesn't need to be that way. If you have a birth that you love and brought you joy, that was a good birth for you, no matter how you got there!
You'll get to hear why women choose an epidural or an unmedicated birth and pros and cons for each. One of the most important things we always emphasize is preparation. So, no matter which way you're leaning, (or if you're somewhere in the middle), understanding your options and preparing for the outcome you desire will always give you more power in your birth experience.
[2:17] Prepare yourself for whole heck of a lot of unsolicited advice ;)
[4:15] Trust your intuition
[5:21] At the end of the birth, all that really matters is if you can look back at the experience and you feel good about it
[6:54] Birth isn't something you get to do every day, it's ok to choose to make this whatever kind of experience you want it to be that will leave you feeling happy and joyful
[8:45] Why women choose medicated/unmedicated + pros & cons of each
[8:57] Medicated
[12:27] Unmedicated
[26:12] Cons for Medicated - A lot of times these medications slow down labor and increase interventions, can cause more pain, administration of epidural not painless, loss of options, loss of many of the physical (and sometimes emotional) sensations of birth, have to wait to be able to walk around until epidural wears off
[30:12] Cons for Unmedicated - you feel everything, you get to deal with everybody else's opinion on what your goals are for birth, possibly having to battle with your provider for some preferences, sometimes can experience disappointment in not achieving this
[35:13] In the end, the common denominator is no matter which option you're choosing, you need to be prepared for it either way
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