15 Things That Cause More Pain During Birth

It's true that we love telling you all of the ways to have an easier, more comfortable, confident, and empowered birth experience, but we decided to switch things up and get a little sarcastic so you can join us in some laughs while we give you all the top tips on what will cause more pain during labor.  Maybe you already know that being flat on your back and not having great support will leave you less than comfortable but what about pulling up trauma from a previous birth, focusing on all the negatives happening right now, and inviting all the unsupportive and opinionated people into your birth space!? No? Don't worry, we've got you covered mama! As always, we hope that you leave this episode armed with a smile and some crazy good info about how to make your birth the best it can possibly be.

Show Notes

4:07 - Being free to move around during labor is so important and being stuck in one position not only causes more discomfort but also slows, stalls, and makes it harder for baby to move through the birth canal.

8:25 - Mindset is so important to the birth experience. Our minds are so powerful and our bodies physically react to what we are thinking. So, if we tell ourselves that this contraction hurts, and it sucks, and we want to be done and we can't do this anymore, then our bodies will physically become more exhausted and painful with each contraction. However, the opposite is also true. If we are saying that we can do this, just one more contraction, every contraction brings me closer to my baby, in through the nose and breathe the pain away, we create physical strength during our labor from what we are thinking.

13:04 - Want something really fun to deal with during pregnancy and labor? Carry the trauma from your last birth into this one! Yes, we are being sarcastic although this is very real and we want you to know that we have tools for you to NOT do this. It's ok if you're feeling all the feelings during this pregnancy from your last birth and it's going to be to your benefit to work through these.

20:17 - Definitely stay away from water during labor if you're looking for less comfort! HA! Water is so huge during labor for comfort and relaxation. There's a reason it's called Mother Nature's Epidural. So, yes we actually really want you to use this during your birth. It will be to your benefit.

26:52 - We're not special. If we can do this thing called birth, So. Can. You. Women from the beginning of time have walked through the intensity and discomfort and yes, the pain of childbirth. Draw strength from the many, many women who have gone before you and after you've given birth, reach back and strengthen those who are still on the path.

ALL our best,

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