Title: Part-Time Virtual Assistant!

Position Overview: 

This position’s primary focus is to support the daily operations of the company and create written content that drives the mission of My Essential Birth forward. The ideal candidate for this position will not only have a passion for serving women but also a desire to grow with the company. 

This position reports directly to the owner of My Essential Birth and will effectively be her second set of ears, eyes and hands. We are also looking for someone who doesn't mind a quick getaway 1-2 times/year for planing sessions + fun 😏! 

This is a small and young company so the hours will be part-time and that also means there is a lot of room for growth within the company. We are looking for someone who is eager to keep up with us through this fast-paced and exciting time in the online and digital space. 

We want someone who is constantly learning, setting goals and hitting them, working to better themselves every day in their personal and professional life, communicates well, gets along easily with others, loves people and serving others and someone who can enjoy a good laugh and bring some positive energy to the team! 

Up to $20/hr

Duties & Responsibilities:

You’ll be responsible for:

-Writing and proofreading content for (including but not limited to); emails, blog posts, podcasts and show notes, Instagram, Facebook & other social media outlets

-Keeping track of items such as analytics and workbook sales via spreadsheets on Google Drive

-Utilizing Google Drive to keep the back end of the company organized and running smoothly

-Reaching out to other podcasters on behalf of My Essential Birth to invite them onto the show and to set up shows for MEB to be a guest on

-Researching podcast topics, current trends in childbirth, recent news articles relating to childbirth, hashtags, and others as requested

-Writing and publishing content for the website, podcast, social media, etc.

-Moderating our Members-Only private Facebook group by approving members, approving and commenting on posts, reaching out to mothers who have shared their birth stories for permission to re-share, among others

-Moderating our Instagram account by researching the best times and posting during that time, and responding to comments and dm’s, among others

-Responding promptly with compassion and understanding to emails from students, as well as inquiries from future students, podcast request and other emails we may receive

-Managing owner’s calendars and use Asana and Slack to manage projects and keep track of analytics, as well as keep owner on track for deadlines and calendar events

-Supporting My Essential Birth in other ways that may not be listed here and be excited and willing to grow with the company


Skills & Abilities/Requirements:

The ideal candidate possesses the following strengths and skills:

-Excellent writing & grammar skills - most of what we do is content driven and that starts with communicating through content writing

-Excellent customer service skills - treat others as you would want to be treated

-Passionate about birth, or at least about serving women - we believe in the power of birth and the ability it has to transform a woman’s life forever. We want someone who will share and convey that message with us.

-Flexibility - we are learning as we grow and we are looking for someone who can meet changing needs

-Be proficient in Canva, Loom, Zoom, Google Drive, Slack, Asana, Calendly, Google Calendar and other project management tool and calendar applications

-Organized - we are successfully functioning in organized chaos...let’s hope you can help us reign this chaos in!

-Quick Learner - this business and industry moves quickly and there are always new new obstacles and skills to learn

-Resourceful - use ALL available resources to complete a task with minimal questions

-Sense of Humor - seriously if we can’t laugh at ourselves what is this even all about?! Bonus points for using The Office quotes in daily conversation


To Apply:

To be considered for this position, please submit the following to [email protected]:

  1. Cover letter and PDF of your resume
  2. Myers-Briggs Personality Type 
  3. Enneagram Type with Wing Number
  4. Strengths Finder
  5. Record a video using Loom telling me in less than 3 minutes why you think you’d be the perfect candidate for this position!
  6. Do your best with the following requests as if you were already on the My Essential Birth team:
    1. Research and tell me in 4-5 sentences why it is not a good idea to change a mother’s due date later in pregnancy. Provide at least two evidence-based sources.
    2. The first two lines on an Instagram post are the only ones seen while scrolling. Using the information from your research, write something about due dates that would grab my attention and make me click on the post.
    3. In three sentences or less, describe your customer support philosophy